Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Why Art Matters- Part 1

You have heard the phrase "the art of__________". Lets fill in the blank with "the art of storytelling". We understand this to mean the storyteller has worked at his craft, he practices, he improves, it is an art form that requires effort on his part and is learned over time.

This can apply to whatever we set our hand to.  The Art of it comes with practicing and considering how to do it well, to do it beautifully, in a way that benefits others and engages us.  Dante made a point like this- Art is inherent in every true vocation.  Creativity is at the essence of the human capacity to work, to be productive and to serve society.

Art classes, of course, give children space and tools to make art, to explore mediums, to learn a visual language, but even more is happening, it is space to practice creativity and decision making, it helps them express ideas, emotions, to have a deeper understanding of their world.
Art helps them think critically,to persevere through difficulties and practice resilience. Art helps kids learn from mistakes or disappointments and take a chance again and again,  Children loose a sense of time when they create, they are fully present, which is crucial in a world of distraction.  Make space for creativity in your home, in your school in your lives.  It is such a important part of healthy living and work. Skills can be developed and success in art is a result of hard work and that is a great thing to learn young!

Think creativly through practicing art and let it spill over into every other area of your life too!

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