Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meyer lemon Sea Salt

When we moved to Florida the first plant I bought was a Meyer Lemon tree.  Then I waited and watched it for about 8 years. Now it gave me a few lemons each year but I only needed one hand to count them....but then year 8 I finally got about 30 lemons.  I am sure I counted them cause I do that kinda thing but I have forgotten, but this year I counted over 80 lemons.  enough to share, to try in recipes, to garnish with....lemon happiness, but the best thing I did with them was making this finishing salt.
Sea Salt and Meyer Lemon Zest before baking
For each jar I used 1/2 cup sea salt and the zest of two Meyer lemons. Chop the zest into small strips and mix it into the salt with your fingers.  Now the kitchen smells incredible, don't drool in the salt,spread the mixture out on parchment lined baking sheets and bake at 170F for about 10 minutes.  It should feel dry and the lemon should look dehydrated.  That's it.  Find some cute jars and make a label.  I printed mine out on paper and tied a piece of twine around.  This is a great hostess gift, and friends who like to cook can put it to good use.  It is so good sprinkled on fish, chicken, roasted vegetables, I even add it to muffins.  My daughter can discern it each time I use it, "hey, you used the lemon salt!" She smiles and says.

Gift jars ready!

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  1. I love anything lemon! Your jars look great and are inspiring me to make something! Thanks for sharing your recipe.


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